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All of our services are 100% free. However, to book an appointment for you, we will need personal information such as your full name as it appears on your driver’s license, your address, your date of birth, any underlying medical conditions, your insurance information including member ids, group numbers, prescription insurance information, your ethnicity, your race, your weight, etc. We will also need to ask medical questions. We need this information because the authorized providers require this information to book your appointments. Without the information, we cannot book your appointment for you at an authorized provider.

We understand that many people will not be comfortable giving us this information. We know that everyone has a different comfort level in regards to sharing their personal information. Therefore, we have designed three different levels of service.   Select, below, which option best fits your needs and comfort level. 

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I don’t want to share my personal information. I would like to book my own appointment.

This section is for those that may not feel comfortable disclosing any personal information. For these visitors, we have researched and given you links to resources available within your state. These sites are state government websites.

The page links, organized by state, will help you determine your eligibility according to your state’s eligibility requirements, and direct you where to go to find authorized providers.

I would like you to notify me when appointments become available, so I can book my appointment myself.

When we find a vaccination appointment in your area, we text/email you a link to the authorized provider. You click on the link and fill out the information directly with the authorized provider.

Don’t be discouraged if you try to book your vaccine appointment, and there are no appointments left. We will continue to send you notifications until you let us know you have booked your appointments.

I don’t mind sharing my personal information and would like for you to book my appointment for me.

You will be directed to a secure form. It will help if you have your medicare/medical and prescription insurance available when you are filling out the forms.

After you fill out the form, click submit. Our team will start checking all the available resources to find an appointment for you. The provider will email/text you directly once we book you for an appointment.