Are there scammers?

Yes indeed there are.

And to be clear, we are not one of those.

All we can prove is that we are real people who have lived decent lives.

We wouldn't risk our personal and professional reputations for an insignificant list of phone numbers, ZIP codes, and medical IDs.

We are committed to being true to our word and true to our mission, to help the underserved and possibly the anxious to try and book their vaccine appointments for them, by using our resources, leveraging our tech expertise, and our time.

We HIGHLY suggest that if you are able or tech-savvy to use any of those state sites we list on our book your own appointment page directly.

For those of you who, for any reason, would like us to book your vaccine for you, please know that you will need to answer a long list of questions. Those questions are not what we chose, rather what online healthcare providers such as RiteAid, CVS, Walmart, or any of the two dozen-plus sites that we use to book appointments require, to secure an appointment.

Without proper information, we will not be able to set any appointments.

We already have served dozens of amazing individuals, and their excitement when they hear we were able to find and book them a vaccine and their incredible appreciation for what my team and I have done for them has brightened up our days and brought true joy to my volunteers and me.

For the past decade and a half, I have operated a business that I founded when I was a teenager. My business is called [Music For Life Kids].

@ Music For Life Kids, we teach classical music to over 4000 children 6 months to 6 years old.Music For Life Kids has been recognized by national daycare service providers as the only program that consistently teaches kids as young as 3 years old how to play the piano.I am extremely proud of what we have accomplished at Music For Life Kids and much more proud of all the beautiful young minds we have taught over the last 18 years. Some of our students have gone on to become musical prodigies, the thought of which always gives me unbelievable joy.When the pandemic hit, our business hit an all-time low. I have started working on other products with my husband and this is one of our goodwill projects.

Mary Bolouri